Gravel Extraction


BYLAW NO 2011-2


The Council of the R.M. of Happyland No. 231 in the Province of Saskatchewan enacts as follows:

1. This bylaw shall be referred to as the Gravel Licensing Bylaw.

2. In this bylaw:

a. “Administrator” shall mean the administrator of the municipality;

b. “Contractor” includes any person, firm or corporation, including those persons, firms or corporations engaged by the crown, but does not include the crown;

c. “Council” shall mean the council of the municipality;

d. “Gravel includes rock, stone, sand and other material in excess of 105 microns in diameter;

e. “Municipality” shall mean the The Rural Municipality of Happyland No. 231;

f. “Premise” includes any pit, site, or location within the municipality, in which gravel is naturally situated and from which gravel is excavated.

3. No contractor shall operate or offer for hire any machine, tractor, truck or other appliance used in excavation of gravel from any premise within the municipality without having first obtained a license to do so from the municipality.

4. Any contractor requiring a license under provision of this bylaw shall each year, make written application to the Administrator of the municipality stating the name and address of the applicant, the location of each premise from which the gravel is to be excavated and an estimate of the amount of gravel to be excavated within the current year; and paying in advance a fee of

a) $0.146 per cubic metre or each cubic metre; or

b) $0.111 per cubic yard for each cubic yard; or

c) $0.078 per tonne for each tonne; or

d) $0.073 per ton for each ton of gravel

excavated from the premise.

5. Where the contractor estimates that the volume of gravel to be extracted will exceed ________a, the contractor shall pay a pre-extraction fee equal to the product of the estimated volume of gravel to be extracted multiplied by the rate prescribed in Section 4 of this bylaw.

6. Subject to the right of the council to suspend or revoke the same as provided by The Municipalities Act, every license shall remain in force or in effect until and including the 31st day of December of the year of issue.

7. On or before December 31 of the year in which the license has been issued, the contractor shall make a return under oath, in the form shown in Schedule “A” attached thereto, to the Administrator of the municipality showing the quantity of gravel, in the agreed units of measurement, excavated from each premise and pay the prescribed fee as set out in Section 4 of the bylaw.

8. The municipality shall refund to the contractor any fees collected under this bylaw for estimated quantities of gravel not excavated from the premise and for which the license fee has been paid.

9. Any person found guilty of an infraction of any of the provisions of this bylaw shall be liable on summary conviction to the penalties imposed by the general penalty bylaw of the municipality.

10. The application form to license the excavation of gravel is attached hereto and forming part of this bylaw, marked a Exhibit “A”.


Download Exhibit “A” License for the Excavation of Gravel from Gravel Pits – Word Document

Download Schedule “A” Declaration in the Matter of Licence Bylaw No. 2011-2 – Word Document