Gas Well Development Policy

1. That all development applications for Council approval shall be requested in writing at least 30 days prior to the commencement of proposed undertaking (Council meets monthly). All requests for Council approval prior to the expiry of 30 days must be in writing.

For all special approvals requested between meetings, the Reeve and councilor in the division in which the gas well development is taken place are authorized to give verbal approval and then official approval will be ratified by resolution of council at the next regular council meeting.

2. All pipeline crossings through all developed roads and/or road allowances must be bored rather than cut. A special permit may be issued by request on a road to road basis to cut prairie trail roads and/or undeveloped road allowances. Pipeline construction must comply with Saskatchewan regulations governing pipeline construction and all pipeline crossings through Municipal roads must have a least 2.0 metres earth cover from road surface, or 1.5 metres minimum earth cover at ditch level and shall take into account a 30 metre roadway unless otherwise stipulated. All road crossings shall be made at an angle of not less than 45 degrees.

3. All well site approaches and pipeline crossings to or across Grid/MFA roads must be constructed from earth fill obtained from outside of the road right-of-way. Initially approaches may be roughed in to provide for access by drilling equipment and then finished at a later date in the manner specified in clause 4 hereof, when well development has been completed.

4. At such time as well site preparation and gas well development has been completed and pipelines have been installed, all the right-of-way adjacent to the road surfaces shall be restored to their original condition. Where approaches are necessary, they shall be constructed to standards prescribed for Grid/Primary Grid, Grid/MFA construction and in all instances shall be constructed to provide for 5:1 side slopes. Fill must be hauled in or purchased; material may not be taken from ditches adjacent to improved roads. New culverts shall be installed wherever required.

5. That during facility construction and field development, and in lieu of the issuance of overweight permits, all damages caused to roadway in the area of project shall be assessed to and be the responsibility of Gas/Oil Company.

6. In all cases where gas field development affects municipal roads and/or road allowances, the company must be prepared to provide the municipality with a written assurance that the company will accept complete responsibility for any accident or misadventure that may occur while the work is in progress. The company will accept complete responsibility for any accident or misadventure that may occur while the work is in progress. The company must agree to indemnify and save harmless the municipality from and against any liability arising as a result of its operations on any road or right-of-way under the municipality’s jurisdiction.

7. That all pipeline-road allowance crossings must be of heavy walled pipe in order to withstand crossing by construction equipment. Also that warning flags be placed a minimum of 30 cm above the pipeline at road allowance crossings.

8. That all pipeline-road allowance crossings must have prior Council and Divisional Councilor approval as to specific location, depth and specific time of crossing/construction.

9. That all costs of locating pipeline at road allowance crossings due to road construction shall be totally the responsibility of pipeline operating company.

10. That in the event that circumstances arise which require a pipeline to be lowered or moved, the operating company shall be responsible for the lowering or moving of pipeline, except that if the pipeline as installed in accordance with municipal specifications, then the municipality requiring the lowering or moving shall be responsible for the costs involved.

11. That the placement of wellheads, above ground structures and paralleling underground pipeline be kept beyond one hundred and fifty (150) feet from the centre line of any road allowance; as well as beyond three hundred (300) feet from the intersection of two or more roads or road allowances.

12. Where circumstances arise that it is believed not practical or impossible to adhere to the requirements and stipulations of the Rural Municipality of Happyland No. 231; the Municipal Council may entertain application to deviate from standards.

13. All contractors traveling on our roads shall obey the 80 klm/hr speed limit and 40 klm/hr past occupied farm yards. When above normal truck traffic occurs on any roads within the municipality, contractors must provide dust control measures past all occupied farm yards.

14. No movement of oil/gasfield machinery/equipment, trucks, rigs, etc. shall take place during wet conditions on any roads within the municipality. During the period of inclement weather, all contractors must have permission of Council and/or administrator before any equipment can be moved, if and only when road conditions are suitable to do so and at the discretion of the Council and/or administrator.


Download Permit to Cut Through Certain Roads in the Municipality – Word Document

Download Road Use Agreement – Word Document