Public Works/Maintenance

The R.M. of Happyland Public Works Staff normally consists of six employees from May to October and one/two employees for the remaining winter months.  Weather conditions significantly influence staff numbers during the winter months.

The Public Works Department operates from the R.M. shop located at 117 – 9th Street West in Leader.

The Municipality owns and manages a fleet of approximately 20 pieces of equipment including graders, gravel trucks, trailers, light duty trucks and other equipment.

R.M. maps are available at the R.M. office for $10.00/map. Grid Road maps are also available.


The municipality owns 3 graders.  Grading of roads is done on a regular rotation basis with grid roads and high traffic roads receiving first priority.  Grader work is coordinated by the Foreman and the Council.  The ratepayer’s first line of contact is with the foreman and their division Councillor.


Gravelling priorities are set by the Foreman and the Councillor for each division and becomes part of the public works program that is approved by council.

The R.M. of Happyland sells 2” minus gravel to residential ratepayers on a request basis which are submitted to the R.M. before September 1st each year.  The maximum yardage of gravel allotment for sale each year is 1,000 yards.

A minimum and maximum of 20 yards allowed per residential ratepayer, delivered within the boundaries of the municipality,  by the R.M. usually in the first two weeks of October.

The price of the gravel is $17.00 per yard plus .30 cents/yard/mile for spreading gravel.

Tree Planting:

Trees and shrubs must be planted 150 feet from the centre line of the road or 300 feet from the intersection of two roads.

Custom Work

Custom work services offered to residents of the municipality include driveway grading, snow removal, mowing.  Custom work is normally done while the equipment is in the area and is completed as time permits.


Motor Grader, with or without attachments -$120.00/hr

Tractor & Mower – $100.00/hr

627B Cat Scraper – $200.00/hr

Terex 683T Screener – $6,000/week, 2 weeks minimum rental including one Man.  Renter is responsible for fuel and transportation of equipment.

950H Loader – $150.00/hr

Backhoe – $125.00/hr

Moving to and from the job site will be charged at the above rates.  A minimum ½ hour charge applies to any custom work performed.

Fencing Policy – $1,200/mile removal, $3,000/mile reset (3 wire fence)

Anything other than a 3 wire fence must be approved on a request basis

Non-Ratepayers & Gas Companies

Motor Grader – $200.00/hr

TS 14 Scraper – $325.00/hr

Cat Loader – $250.00/hr

Cat Trackhoe – $300.00/hr

Backhoe – $200.00/hr

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