Historic Sites

Dominion Land Grant Maps are available at the R.M. Office at a price of $10.00/map.

Provincial Heritage Properties

Blumenfeld Roman Catholic Church – recognized as a heritage site in 1983

Blumenfeld Roman Catholic Church is a two storey, wood-frame church built in 1915.  It is located approximately 15 km south of the Village of Prelate or go 16 km south of Leader on Highway 21.  Turn east at the Blumenfeld Church sign and go another 6.4 km.  The Church is a symbol of the prominent role the Church played in the religious and social life of the German Russian pioneers who settled in the area. When the Church was built in 1915 it was originally named Saints Peter and Paul Church.  In 1936, behind the Church a fieldstone shrine to Our Lady of the Sorrows (Grotto) was erected.  The Church became an important pilgrimage destination for the area.   Services were discontinued in 1962. The historical grounds, architecture and interior finishes have been carefully maintained over the years.  Today the Church still provides a venue for the yearly pilgrimage, occasional weddings, funerals and community gatherings.

Smith Barn Site – recognized as a heritage site in 1991

The Smith Barn Site is located approximately 10 km northwest of Leader.  This barn was constructed in 1914 by W.T. “Horseshoe” Smith and was one of the largest barns ever built in North America.  The barn was 400’ x 128’x 60’ and took 100 men over five months to build at a cost of $82,000.  W.T. Smith was a locally-noted cattle rancher from Great Falls, Montana.  At the time, this ranching operation played a significant role in the social and economic fabric of the region.  Mr. Smith passed away in 1918 and the barn was demolished in 1921.  The barn’s foundation still remains as a community landmark.  A scale model of the barn can be found at the Leader Tourist Booth.

St. John’s Separate School and Miniature Church – recognized as a heritage site in 1993

The St. John’s School and Miniature Church is located along Highway No. 21 approximately 12 kms south of the Town of Leader.  The St. John’s School is a one-room schoolhouse and was built in 1924 by the Lutherans.  The School operated as church-run school and then in 1942 as a separate school until it closed in 1965. This school represents the many school houses that covered the prairie landscape in the first half of the century.  There is also a miniature replica of the St. John’s Lutheran Church on the same site.