Dominion Land Grant Maps are available at the R.M. Office at a price of $10.00/map.

Located in the R.M. of Happyland #231
Blumenfeld (Catholic) NW 32-20-25-W3rd
Christ Lutheran (Mendham) SW 22-21-27-W3rd
Emanuel Evangelical (Mendham) NW 10-21-27-W3rd
Josephstal Catholic Cemetery (Liebenthal) NE 24-19-27-W3rd
Leader (Public) SW 27-22-26-W3rd
Liebenthal  Sacred Heart (Catholic) NW 34-19-26-W3rd
Nagel Cemetery NW 10-22-27-W3rd
Prelate Cemetery NE 09-22-25-W3rd
Seventh Day Adventist (Leader) SE 17-22-26-W3rd
Sigurd Beber Homestead Cemetery SW 13-22-25-W3rd
St. Anthony (Mendham) (Catholic) SE 03-21-27-W3rd
St. John (Prelate) NW 11-23-25-W3rd
St. Johnann’s Catholic SE 16-19-25-W3rd
St. Johns (Rosenthal) (Catholic) (Liebenthal) NE 23-19-25-W3rd
St. Johns Lutheran (Wenzel) NE 04-21-26-W3rd
St. Peter & Paul’s Catholic Cemetery (Prelate) NW 32-20-25-W3rd
Tobler Family Cemetery SE 30-20-27-W3rd
Westerham (Alliance) SW 16-22-27-W3rd
Westerham (Mendham) 30-21-27-W3rd
Zion Evangelical Unitarian Brethren Cemetery (Mendham) NW 05-21-27-W3rd