In 1905 the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta were formed and each elected a government. The rural parts of the Province were divided up into Local Improvement Districts (L.I.D.s) for the purposes of government administration. These L.I.D.s were later reformed into rural municipalities when the First Municipality Act was passed in 1908. The R.M. of Happyland #231 was incorporated January 1, 1913.

As recalled by the late Sam Reimche his father told a story on how the R.M. received its name. The R.M. was named Happyland as a result of a settler in the area who was so delighted to be able to settle and live in this open, free land, and with their limited English referred to it as a ‘happy land’ – the name stuck.

The first R.M. Office was located in Leader at 103 – 1st Street West. In 1954 a new R.M. Office was built on the same location. Then in 2006, the office was relocated to the old school division building at 106 – 3rd Street West in Leader.

Dominion Land Grant Maps are available at the R.M. Office at a price of $10.00/map.