Single-Stream Recycling

The R.M. of Happyland No. 231 has recently entered into an agreement with Triways for single-stream recycling in our rural community.  After considering the available options and the associated cost of each option, council has decided to place 1 collection blue bin in Leader at the R.M. Shop.  All R.M. ratepayers are encouraged to drop off their recycling at the R.M. Shop located just north of Leader on Highway 21.

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Single-stream recycling is a system in which all recycle materials – fiber, plastics, tin and aluminum – are placed, unsorted, in the BLUE Container.

Cardboard, Boxboard, Office Paper, Newsprint, Junk Mail, Magazines and Catalogues

Plastic Containers, Milk Cartons & Plastic Milk Jugs – Plastics numbered 1 through 7 (No Food Containers labelled #1)

No oil containers or chemical jugs, no plastic wrap or bags 

Tin and Aluminum Cans (cans must be clean, with or without labels – no steel or auto parts)

The following is a list of items by area to help in knowing what to recycle:

Laundry – Laundry soap containers, spot remover bottles, bleach containers

Bathroom – Shampoo bottles, body wash bottles, conditioner bottles, plastic hair spray bottles, plastic shaving containers, toilet paper cores, tissue boxes, plastic pill bottles

Kitchen – Milk jugs & milk cartons, creamer cartons & bottles, paper egg cartons, soup, vegetable and any other food cans, aluminum and tin cans, pie tins, plastic juice bottles, juice cans, yogurt containers, salad dressing containers, cereal boxes, pizza boxes – unsoiled

Office – Office paper, catalogues, phone books, sticky notes, scrap paper, cardboard boxes flattened

ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED – Glass, Styrofoam, ceramics, light bulbs, soiled cardboard, hazardous chemical containers, scrap metal, car parts, plastic toys or household garbage, NO PLASTIC WRAP, NO PLASTIC BAGS, NO FOOD CONTAINER LABELLED #1

If you have any doubt whether or not an item can be recycled, please contact Triways (306) 773-7575 or at a minimum, when in doubt put it in the garbage.  Thank you for your co-operation.

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